Friday, January 10, 2014

Wearable tech at CES 2014

Lots of new HW products are published lately in the field of health and wellness. In the CES we saw many smartwatches again which did not really rock the world. We also have seen few new wristbands measuring daily activity as Polar loop. It is following the Nike fuel band’s steps. Real new products comes from biosensors that are offering important data in a new way as more modern blood glucose sensor for continuous measurements.

All of these new products are still serving individual users and the key element in the future will be how to offer this important data automatically to peer support groups. Thus, it is not a surprise that real-time monitoring of the biosensors is being predicted to be huge business in the near future. This lack of live data services in the wellness sector is now raised to be very hot topic.

During the year 2014 NewWell ltd hopes that our tailored services exactly for these purposes will be found by many developers. We are able to offer high level cloud and mobile services that can easily be modified for different use. Our “demo” products are now offering live tracking of both location and heart rate data. We can easily add biosensors to these services and make e.g. mobile phone alarms to peer support group if some parameters are outside the wanted range.

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