Friday, January 31, 2014

How to combine online gaming with sport and wellness service

This is a question which doesn’t have successful break through answer yet if it is evaluated by outcomes… NewWell has done own part in this development by tailoring mobile services which lets users to share physical and location data live. In addition, users are let to create own groups (public or private) in which to do live tracking. Everything is tied together by physical activity scores. Thus, no matter what you do, system is all the time giving you scores based on your activity (movements) or your heart rate. Mobile application also has a fun realtime game for whole family to play together…

Standard 2h Move Battle is one example how to use NewWell system. It has now more than 200 members in Movescount (Suunto) group:
Basics: Mobile application calculates individually calibrated Body Charge scores (TRIMP). The higher the momentary training zone is, the faster you will get scores. Everyone has same opportunity to win since the HR method is individually calibrated and even the gender noticed :-)
Rules: You’ll need RTE application (iPhone, Windows, Android) - Battles can be done whenever you want! - You can turn on the RTE application few mins earlier (“Start Tracking”) - Every sport is allowed - Remember to encourage others in live map chat - You can see each others’ scores in LIVE!
Let the others know that you are participating and make sure that you have an official supervisor checking the Move and encouraging you during the Move! :-) Every Move definitely counts :-)

NewWell challenges you to free your mind and get people moving whatever new ideas comes in to your mind. We are glad if our live services are helping you to create now online games. Let us know if you have new ideas and let’s move!

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