Friday, January 17, 2014

NewWell and Marathon Skier are launching a first-of-kind sport services

Online sport gaming – yes, Share to social media – yes, Great reports and videos from marathon events – yes, Track best athletes of the world – yes, what else – check

Ultimate Vasaloppet Challenge
is a global contest for everyone interested in challenging himself/herself. The participation is free of charge for all Vasaloppet skiers and Marathon Skier subscribers. Others can join in by downloading the Marathon Skier phone application for a nominal fee. The contest starts when Vasaloppet takes off at 8 am on Sunday March 2, 2014. The person of reference is Teemu Virtanen (current World Record holder of 24 h Nordic Skiing) whose target time is 4-4.5 hours. When Teemu crosses the finish line, the race is over. You can join the fun anywhere in the world by doing any physical activity during the aforementioned timeline. You collect personally calibrated points based on your individual heartrate scale (rest pulse & max pulse) – the fastest and strongest person isn’t necessarily the winner here! The attitude counts the most! In order to participate in this unique worldwide contest you need a smart phone (onto which you should download the Marathon Skier application) and a ”smartBT” heart rate belt. You can also purchase a new HeartRateCell multi-functional exercise device (beginners version or elite Pro PoD version). You can follow the contest live online and the links can be found at, and

Top Marathon Team Tracking Service
Marathon Skier and NewWell are launching a first-of-kind top athlete tracking service. This service will allow you to take a peek behind-the-scenes of the professional marathon skiing world. You can follow top athletes as they go about their trainings and races in daily basis. We will announce the names of these top athletes very soon! In the meantime, you can test the application and see how the current World Record holder of 24 hour Nordic Skiing and Marathon Skier Editor-in-Chief Teemu Virtanen exercises every day and what intensity he keeps up in various marathon ski races this winter season. This special service is only 19.90 € for 12 months!

Marathon Skier Phone Application
Marathon Skier is the first publication in the world to offer you a sport application that allows you to share your trainings live with your peers (heart rate, speed, distance, time, body charge). You can form your own groups (public/private) and invite your friends to follow you up anywhere you go. You can store all your training info onto Suunto’s Movescount service where your course and other relevant data can be analyzed. This great application is free of charge for all Marathon Skier subscribers. The price is 4.90€ without the annual subscription.

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